Earn Commission

The Bad Boy affiliation program enables those with a client base to make a 10% commission on sales that you have sent through via our online store using the unique voucher system.
Perfect for small gyms and personal trainers.

It works very simply:

  • Simply fill out your personal/company details
  • We will do a background check on you
  • We will approve your account and provide you with a unique code
  • You tell your clients to purchase online using the unique code
  • They get an automatic 10% discount once they order using the same unique code
  • The product arrives at their personally selected delivery address
  • You receive a 10% commission of the sales connected to the voucher
  • The commission is paid directly into your bank account at the end of the month


  • Minimal admin dealing with cash and products
  • No cash layout
  • No dealing with returns
  • Easy way of making extra cash

Start earning commission today and sign up with our affiliation


Application - Affiliation Program

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