First fight jitters are something every fighter has experienced. Sometimes your nerves can feel overbearing and make you doubt yourself. Here are some first fight preparation tips to help you put your anxiety to bed!

Understand Your Opponent Is Human Too!


Very rarely do fighters ever consider how their opponent is feeling leading up to fight night.

It is important to realise that your opponent goes through the same emotions that you do before stepping into the ring. Knowing that your opponent is probably as nervous/scared as you, helps relieve anxiety and can give you the confidence to win your fight.



Nerves Are All Part Of The Process


The emotions you get leading up to your first fight are supposed to happen. Try to understand that everything you go through leading up to the fight is all part of the journey. Without the challenges, emotions and stresses it wouldn’t be so rewarding when you do get that first fight under your belt. After overcoming your first fight nerves, the pre- fight process will become easier!





Going through the whole fight event will help alleviate the anxiety you get when you actually get to the venue and hear your name called to fight. From walking through the doors of the venue to getting your hand raised after a tough fight, visualization can help in more ways than one. Keep the visualization of you winning the fight with you at all times!


Believe In Your Training


Probably the most important of the tips for your first fight is this one: Train hard, train often. All the other tips for your first fight mean nothing if you don’t put in the time to prepare for a war. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, consistency and eating a healthy diet will pay off more than any amount of visualization will.


Not to mention if you train your heart out and put the time and effort in at the gym, you will feel more confident stepping into the ring for the first time because you will know that you’ve done everything you’ve possibly could to be prepared for this fight. Being well trained and in great shape is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and build confidence going into the fight.


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