We caught up with Bad Boy Nutrition’s new ambassador to find out more about boxer & MMA cage fighter, Jared Lovett

Who introduced you to boxing? 

It was definitely my Dad, he was a boxer but initially he tried to keep me out of the boxing environment. I had to beg and plead him to take me to fights so I guess it was in my DNA. My dad couldn’t deny the inevitable and took me along to a few fights and then began teaching me to box at 6 years old.

So you have been boxing for over 20 years now, do you have any other interests/hobbies? 

At school I played so much sport. I loved playing rugby and I am a huge fan still.

Getting new tattoos is another interest of mine.

Do you have any concerns/fears regarding your career? 

It’s not really a fear or concern but I suppose like all athletes I flipping hate losing!

What’s your weekly workout like? 

I work out every day at Domination gym. I do a lot of cardio because boxing is not like body building, you need to be more agile and fit.

Most of my workouts do not consist of any weights.

What is your greatest motivation? 

My dad is my greatest motivation. He has taught me so much.

For example, he taught me discipline and warned me that the sacrifices I make today, will be worth it in the end.

What supplements do you take? 

BCAA, Glutamine, pre- and post-workout formulas, slow releasing protein and a bit of creatine 

As an athlete it’s easy to become malnourished therefore I take a multivitamin to support my immune system.

You can follow Jared and keep up to date with his training and upcoming fights on his instagram page.